Supply Model

Supply amplifiers in barren SouthWest Australia

Supply affects the amount of resources that industries and units receive. Upgrades and units must have a friendly-held route to a military base, supply depot, or city. The larger the base or city, the greater supply it can provide to the surrounding territory. For peak production, an industry must be in full supply (i.e., 100%).

World Market

The World Market is a future amalgamation of the present-day organizations such as the United Nations and World Bank, and Regions not currently on the map. It represents the interests of an elite who desire a stable, unified world economy. In the game it is has a Reunification agenda, and serves to guide the player through the campaign in a constructive way. It will loan money, sell units, offer military protection to the weak, and punish those who launch unprovoked attacks or develop weapons of mass destruction.  The World Market exists in SR2010 and in SR2020.

Getting Started

What can I do?

The simplest way to get involved is to find things that you're reading about on the forum and start writing it down on a page, whether it's a fact or a question. Beyond that, consider what you're good at in the game. Maybe what you know would be useful to other people? But the most common way that people contribute to wikis is usually just correcting typos and rewording sentences as they come across them, and that helps improve readability greatly.

Control/ownership of articles

CW Included Regions List

Cold War Map

The Campaign map is based on the world as of October 8th 1949, with some minor changes

See also Included Regions List


Some regions will indicate "for gameplay purposes". This is an indicaiton that we are not quite able to model all the historically intricacies of the region. Colony names will not include their parent name here. French Morocco for example is simply "Morroco" for the purpose of this list.


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