What is the latest version of Supreme Ruler Cold War

When an update is available, an option will be visible in the main men of the game.  Currently Update 3, Version 7.3.1 is available here (as of Dec. 31, 2012) and is expected in the automatic updating system soon.  Players relying on the automatic updates will be using Version 7.2.2.  The version number is visible in the lower left corner of the game's main menu.

I purchased a boxed copy of SR2020 - where is the CD Key located?

For the original SR2020, in North American versions the CD-Key is located on the back of the manual. In most other versions the CD-Key is printed on the CD Disc itself.

For the Gold Edition, the CD-Key is printed on an insert page in the CD case.

Supreme Ruler 2020

This section of the SupremeWiki is dedicated to Supreme Ruler 2020 by BattleGoat Studios.


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Supreme Ruler Cold War

This section of the SupremeWiki is dedicated to Supreme Ruler Cold War by BattleGoat Studios.

Modding Guide - Creating Cache Files

What is a Cache File?

Instead of compiling all the Data Files every launch of the game Supreme Ruler 2020 creates "cache files" with the needed data already compiled. If you make changes to the Data Files that are "baked into" the cache for a particular map (scenario, campaign or multiplayer), you will need to rebuild the cache file for that map. Cache files are found in the /Cache directory (/CacheGC for Global Crisis maps).

Cache File Creation Outline

Diplomatic Treaties

  • Formal Alliance Offer an Alliance - Includes Travel, Supply, Line of Site agreements
  • Non Aggression Pact Guarantee not to attack another Region
  • (SR2010 only) Ceasefire Cease Hostile Actions but still maintain State of War
  • Peace End Existing State of War between Regions (Ends War as One-Time Action)
  • Mutual Defense Guaranteed Defensive help in Time of War
  • Full Transit Treaty Free Passage of Land, Sea and Air Units through Region
  • Land Transit & Supply Free Passage of Land Units and Supplies Through Region

Map Overlays

Overlays are filters applied to the map to see values for each terrain hex.


Cabinet Ministers

Ministers are artifical intelligence (AI) bots that work in the government to handle tasks for the player. Diplomacy, tax rates, military maneuvers, and more can all be handled by ministers, allowing the player to choose how much micromanagement they want. Ministers are appointed as the heads of your government's five departments: Operations, Defense, State, Treasury, Commerce, and Interior. They are chosen from a pool of 36 candidates, twelve of each political ideology, Conservative, Moderate, and Liberal.

Loyalty Model

Loyalty is the measure of a population's obedience to the player's government.

Factors affecting loyalty

  • Loyalty is assigned for territories during map/scenario creation
  • Loyalty does not change except in cases of of Unification votes

Effects of loyalty

  • Production efficiency
    • Newly-captured territory is 67% as productive as regular territory
  • Partisans may appear in the territories of countries that have not been eliminated


Loyalty in Map Design

Government Types

Regional governments are the bodies that work for the player to handle all aspects of each region's production and decision-making. Four different government systems exist: Democracy, Monarchy, Communism, and Dictatorship. Because the player is Supreme Ruler, every system allows the player full control--the only difference between each is the type of support needed to stay in power. Domestic and Military approval apply to each government in different degrees.

Governments may be changed after the completion of a campaign scenario, assuming the right conditions.



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