Government Types

Regional governments are the bodies that work for the player to handle all aspects of each region's production and decision-making. Four different government systems exist: Democracy, Monarchy, Communism, and Dictatorship. Because the player is Supreme Ruler, every system allows the player full control--the only difference between each is the type of support needed to stay in power. Domestic and Military approval apply to each government in different degrees.

Governments may be changed after the completion of a campaign scenario, assuming the right conditions.

Democracies are governments elected by the population. The government depends on domestic approval to stay in power. Elections require about 45% domestic approval at that time to be reelected.

Detailed Effects:

  • Military Actions often reduce Domestic Approval
  • Best Economic Model - Easiest maintenance of GDP/c
  • Best Base Rate for World Market Approval
  • Regular Internal Elections to Maintain Control


Detailed Effects:

  • Generally Same Labor and Military costs as Democracy
  • Recruitment / Conscription Benefit


Detailed Effects:

  • Cheaper Military Costs
  • Cheaper Labor Costs
  • Recruitment / Conscription Benefit
  • Negative Influence on GDP/c
  • Low Rate of World Market Approval
  • DEFCON Production and Efficiency Benefits are Half that of a Democracy, but Cost is also Half.

Dictatorships are governments that rule because they have the military might to do so. Military approval is their method of support, and if this falls too low the government may be couped. Domestic approval is irrelevant to this government.

Detailed Effects:

  • High Risk of Military coup if Military Approval gets too low
  • Lowest Base Rate of World Market Approval
  • Negative Influence on GDP/c
  • DEFCON Production Benefit is Half that of a Democracy, Cost is One Third Less.

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