Getting Started

What can I do?

The simplest way to get involved is to find things that you're reading about on the forum and start writing it down on a page, whether it's a fact or a question. Beyond that, consider what you're good at in the game. Maybe what you know would be useful to other people? But the most common way that people contribute to wikis is usually just correcting typos and rewording sentences as they come across them, and that helps improve readability greatly.

Control/ownership of articles

Everyone has equal right to edit anything on this wiki, but account activation is required by an administrator. Articles are not controlled by any one person, including any admins, and disputes must be resolved between users.

Anything contributed to the wiki is available to use under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license. This requires only that SupremeWiki be credited and subsequent copies be under this license.

Appropriate information
SupremeWiki can include anything relevant to a Supreme Ruler player, whether SR2010, SR2020 or SR Cold War. We ask only that the information be presented in the third person and in a neutral way. This is the most informative and reference-like format to use. If you would like to write your personal tactics, consider a blockquote or linking to a related article. For instance, regarding an article Aircraft carriers, you might use Aircraft carriers (Username's tactics).

Naming conventions

It is unlikely that SupremeWiki will have any naming conflicts to speak of--use the most obvious name. A style inherited from Wikipedia is to capitalize the first word of a page name or section name, and no other words unless they are proper nouns. (This convention may change due to migration to a new system)

Starting an article

An article is most readable when it starts with the topic bolded and its context explained. Although you may have followed a link to the page and understand where you are, other users may not.

Spotting is the process of having one unit or upgrade reveal other Regions' units and terrain.

Then give a brief introduction of the topic, and start subheadings after that.

It repels the "fog of war" that ordinarily shrouds terrain that is not near one of the player's units. Some units may not be visible under certain conditions. What is actually spotted is affected by a number of factors that are listed below.

Finding Things To Do

If you're unsure where to start, ask on the forums to see what content is still desired.