Modding Supreme Ruler 1936/Ultimate

Supreme Ruler Ultimate and 1936, like all SR titles, offers a great deal of moddability. As information is made available attempts will be made to catalogue it here.

Compatibility Ultimate to '36

SR1936 and SR Ultimate are built on the same engine structure making data files compatible with both however SR1936 does not include many of the data files used in SR: Ultimate.  The file structure is also slight different;

  • /Custom Folder for Supreme Ruler 1936 is in the root directory
  • /Custom Folder for Supreme Ruler Ultimate is in /Scenario
  • Scenarios in Supreme Ruler Ultimate are separated in to subfolders within /Scenario
  • To make a mod for Supreme Ruler 1936 work in Supreme Ruler Ultimate, you will likley need to create a second /Custom folder for the root directory.

What Mods Exist?

Mods for Supreme Ruler 1936 are listed on

What Can I Do?

Here are some of the areas players can modify;

Data files

* The details for modding this file are the same for Supreme Ruler Cold War, 1936 and Ultimate.  Files used for one are compatible with all if the supporting files exist in that title.