How do I resolve the issue of worldwide Industrial Goods shortages?

New players to Supreme Ruler Cold War are likely to discover fairly quickly that purchasing Industrial Goods from the markets can become a real challenge.  This is caused by world demand being higher than capacity at the beginning of the game.  Regions do being with stock of Industrial Goods but these are quickly exhausted as regions begin to build facilities to try and grow their production capacities.

Players can ease some of this market strain by using the Scenario Settings for Resources - Abundant.  This will provide all regions (AI and Human) with more stock allowing the player more time before the markets become affected by demand.  Demand will eventually catch up with player stock levels so this may only delay the situation in some regions.

There are two ways to address the IG issues.  Either produce more on consume less.   IG are used in facility construction and in the production of Consumer Goods and Military Goods.  If you can source your CG/MG externally that should ease the strain. Also, try and build very few facilites at the same time.  You can even turn off CG production entierly and force your people to live with market shortages although this may have a notable DAR effect in some regions.

For further details, please consult the discussion thread on the Paradox Forums.

It should be noted that the IG situation changed greatly from version 7.2.2 to version 7.3.1.