Loyalty Model

Loyalty is the measure of a population's obedience to the player's government.

Factors affecting loyalty

  • Loyalty is assigned for territories during map/scenario creation
  • Loyalty does not change except in cases of of Unification votes

Effects of loyalty

  • Production efficiency
    • Newly-captured territory is 67% as productive as regular territory
  • Partisans may appear in the territories of countries that have not been eliminated


Loyalty in Map Design

  • Loyalty is painted into the base map (MAPX) file
  • In most cases, loyalty and ownership are identical
    • Exceptions:
    • Palestine
    • Kurdistan

Cache Creation Considerations:

  • When regions are grouped, both ownership and loyalty are grouped into the 'parent' region
  • To prevent loyalty grouping, the regions must not be grouped as part of the CVP/REGIONINCL files. Instead, a Day 0 scripted event must be added to surrender the region, excluding loyalty, to the parent region.
    • Examples:
    • South Ossetia / Abkhazia



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Last updated Dec. 2010