Frequently Asked Questions

Supreme Ruler Cold War

What is the latest version of Supreme Ruler Cold War

When an update is available, an option will be visible in the main men of the game.  Currently Update 3, Version 7.3.1 is available here (as of Dec. 31, 2012) and is expected in the automatic updating system soon.  Players relying on the automatic updates will be using Version 7.2.2.  The version number is visible in the lower left corner of the game's main menu.

New players to Supreme Ruler Cold War are likely to discover fairly quickly that purchasing Industrial Goods from the markets can become a real challenge.  This is caused by world demand being higher than capacity at the beginning of the game.  Regions do being with stock of Industrial Goods but these are quickly exhausted as regions begin to build facilities to try and grow their production capacities.

Players can ease some of this market strain by using the Scenario Settings for Resources - Abundant.  This will provide all regions (AI and Human) with more stock allowing the player more time before the markets become affected by demand.  Demand will eventually catch up with player stock levels so this may only delay the situation in some regions.

There are two ways to address the IG issues.  Either produce more on consume less.   IG are used in facility construction and in the production of Consumer Goods and Military Goods.  If you can source your CG/MG externally that should ease the strain. Also, try and build very few facilites at the same time.  You can even turn off CG production entierly and force your people to live with market shortages although this may have a notable DAR effect in some regions.

For further details, please consult the discussion thread on the Paradox Forums.

It should be noted that the IG situation changed greatly from version 7.2.2 to version 7.3.1.


Supreme Ruler 2020

I purchased a boxed copy of SR2020 - where is the CD Key located?

For the original SR2020, in North American versions the CD-Key is located on the back of the manual. In most other versions the CD-Key is printed on the CD Disc itself.

For the Gold Edition, the CD-Key is printed on an insert page in the CD case.

What is the latest version of Supreme Ruler 2020

In April 2011 BattleGoat released "Update 8" - the latest version is 6.8.1.

This Update also brings all our released Supreme Ruler 2020 content to all players - including the full Global Crisis expansion and the MOD Pack.

To Update to the latest version, use the Check for Updates selection in the Supreme Ruler 2020 Windows Program Menu. This will automatically obtain the correct update for the version you are running. Alternately, you can download the latest update exe from the following links:

A: This happens if a corrupted or invalid CD Key is detected. This could have happened due to a previous installation of SR2020 that was not fully uninstalled.

Solution in Systems not running Windows Vista:

  • Uninstall (using either the 'Uninstall' option in the the Supreme Ruler 2020 Windows Program menu, or through the Add/Remove Programs option in the control panel.
  • Do a full re-installation.
  • Check for Updates to make sure you are running the most recent version, or if you have already downloaded the most recent update then run the Update file.

Alternately, you could do the Solution listed below for systems with Vista.

Solution in Systems running Windows Vista:

Unfortunately Vista can keep certain corrupted registry entries even after a full uninstall. To eliminate these entries, you should run the following procedure:

  • Make sure you have Updated to version 5.4.1 or later (the most recent update).
  • Start any Scenario or Campaign.
  • In the game, press CTRL-SHIFT-S to get up the Games setting screen.
  • In the text box at the bottom of the popup, type: cheat allowcheats
  • In the text box at the bottom of the popup, type: cleanreg
  • Quit to desktop, and re-run the game. It will ask you to re-enter your CD Key.

A: Due to additions in Windows Vista regarding User Account Control (UAC) and security scans of programs before they start, in some Vista configurations Windows will run a very lengthy scan of a large program when it is first started up. On some systems this scan is quick (or may not even happen at all), while on other systems it may take 1-2 minutes or even longer to complete. During this time, no dialog or warning box will appear, and in some cases you will not even get a "busy" mouse cursor. This problem is not unique to SR2020 and will happen with any other installer that is composed of a large single file.

The only solution to this is to start the installer (only once) and wait for the initial screen to come up. It is important to note that once SR2020 is installed it no longer requires inserting the original CD, so this delay will only occur during the initial installation.

A: Some German production was printed with CD-Keys that don't properly work on a non-updated version of the game. The solution is to make sure to 'Check for Updates' during the install process and run the Update before launching the game. Once updated (to version 5.4.2 or later), the game will accept your key and start normally.

If the game is already installed, you can update to the latest version using the Check for Updates selection in the Supreme Ruler 2020 Windows Program Menu. This will automatically obtain the correct update for the version you are running. Alternately, you can download the latest update exe from BattleGoat's Update link. Once updated, run the game and enter your key, and it should work properly.

This is caused by a corrupted or incomplete installation existing on your computer. Do a full uninstall (important!) and then re-install the game from your original CD or download file and the problem should be resolved.

There is an obscure bug in some versions of Windows that affects a number of games including 'Supreme Ruler 2020', which results in no mouse cursor when the system is running a non-standard System Font Size. In 'Control Panel/Personalization' there is an "Adjust font size (DPI)" option - set this back to the default setting and the mouse cursor should return.

Note that Update 8 has added a work-around for this Windows bug, so installing the latest update will resolve the issue.

In most cases the game will reset itself to 1024x768, but if it doesn't then you should follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest update installed (the most recent versions have some improvements in resolution options);
  2. Type the following command into the Windows Start/Search or Run box from the Start Menu (depending upon which version of Windows you have):
  • For Supreme Ruler 2020: supremeruler2020.exe -window
  • For Supreme Ruler 2020 Global Crisis or Gold: supremeruler2020gc.exe -window

This will start up the game in Windowed mode, from there you can go to the graphics options menu and change to a more appropriate resolution. SR2020 runs best in the same resolution as your desktop; right click on your desktop to find details on the display settings, and match that from the choices that SR2020 gives you.

Supreme Ruler 2010

By accessing the 5th button of the second panel labeled Consumption/Usage Levels it is possible to see where any product is being used and what raw materials it consumes. Here we can see that indeed, 3.2M barrels are being consumed through power generation. This can be attributed do the fact that power plants placed on the map are not the only source of electricity. Larger cities produce not only some electricity but also Consumer and Industrial goods. The quantity of each is assigned during scenario design.

However, it is also clear that electricity is not the primary demand for petroleum in this case. Civilian usage is accounting for 560M while industrial goods production is consuming 1.6B barrels, by far the largest drain.

Possible solution: lock industrial goods and military goods production from minister control. Set production of industrial goods to 100% of demand and military goods to 0%. Since the player already has a surplus of military goods, they can live off of these temporarily. This will help in two ways. First, the 240M Barrels being used for military goods construction will not be needed anymore. Second, the demand for industrial goods will decrease (industrial goods are used in the production of military goods) and by only producing to demand the player should be able to cut petroleum use for industrial goods by as much as 40-50%.