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Supreme Ruler 1936

This section of the SupremeWiki is dedicated to Supreme Ruler 1936 by BattleGoat Studios.


I picked a game video resolution that my monitor doesn't support; how can I set it back?

In most cases the game will reset itself to 1024x768, but if it doesn't then you should follow these steps:

When the game starts up I don't see a mouse cursor showing, but when I move the mouse the menu items still highlight when I pass over them.

There is an obscure bug in some versions of Windows that affects a number of games including 'Supreme Ruler 2020', which results in no mouse cursor when the system is running a non-standard System Font Size. In 'Control Panel/Personalization' there is an "Adjust font size (DPI)" option - set this back to the default setting and the mouse cursor should return.

Note that Update 8 has added a work-around for this Windows bug, so installing the latest update will resolve the issue.

I've installed SR2020: Gold Edition and am only seeing white rectangles on the main menu; how can I fix this?

This is caused by a corrupted or incomplete installation existing on your computer. Do a full uninstall (important!) and then re-install the game from your original CD or download file and the problem should be resolved.

I have purchased the German language version of SR2020, and upon starting it asks me for my CD Key again and won't accept it.

A: Some German production was printed with CD-Keys that don't properly work on a non-updated version of the game. The solution is to make sure to 'Check for Updates' during the install process and run the Update before launching the game. Once updated (to version 5.4.2 or later), the game will accept your key and start normally.

I have purchased a boxed copy, running Windows Vista, and after I insert the CD and/or start the SETUP the installer doesn't start up. How can I get it installed?

A: Due to additions in Windows Vista regarding User Account Control (UAC) and security scans of programs before they start, in some Vista configurations Windows will run a very lengthy scan of a large program when it is first started up. On some systems this scan is quick (or may not even happen at all), while on other systems it may take 1-2 minutes or even longer to complete. During this time, no dialog or warning box will appear, and in some cases you will not even get a "busy" mouse cursor.

I have purchased SR2020 but after playing only a short time I get a popup box in the game that says I am playing a "Demo Version". How do I fix this?

A: This happens if a corrupted or invalid CD Key is detected. This could have happened due to a previous installation of SR2020 that was not fully uninstalled.

Solution in Systems not running Windows Vista:

Supreme Ruler 2010

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What is the latest version of Supreme Ruler 2020

In April 2011 BattleGoat released "Update 8" - the latest version is 6.8.1.

This Update also brings all our released Supreme Ruler 2020 content to all players - including the full Global Crisis expansion and the MOD Pack.

To Update to the latest version, use the Check for Updates selection in the Supreme Ruler 2020 Windows Program Menu. This will automatically obtain the correct update for the version you are running. Alternately, you can download the latest update exe from the following links:


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